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About Us

About True Montessori

True Montessori is an educational organization aimed at revolutionizing the teaching learning culture in our schools and societies by applying the Montessorian approach to learning through its certified professional Montessori Teacher Training Courses. We aim towards a child centric learning methodology for better nurturing of the child’s capabilities. Our courses are developed to excellently forge teachers in this approach with flexible training techniques.

True Montessori also aims to inculcate, set up and grow all educational institutions in Montessori School Setup for better educational output. Right from the training of the staff, the institutional setup, and the integration of the interactive Montessori kits in the educational setup, we provide all with our best capabilities

Our Mission

We at True Montessori aim to bring an institutional and creative change in the way we perceive and train our students and children. How we manage and direct them in real-life situations, ultimately leads to their behavior and mental growth in the future years of development. That is why we pledge to train every teacher and school in the Montessori way of learning and teaching to best equip our valuable teachers and children to compete physically and mentally and grow.

Our Vision

We dream and commit to a world where the education system is based around the child and not the syllabus or what is deemed as financially fruitful. To make this a reality, Montessori teacher training provides the perfect platform to make our teachers a child’s friend. Through our Montessori courses, we aim to bring this child-centered approach to every school and society and make them better humans to bring change. The Montessorian method makes a teacher a friend of the student.

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