Key Points:

  • Teaching by giving instructions
  • Teaching by using models
  • Taking things step by step

Teaching behavior skills to children

Children are like a flowing river. They move along the path that you create for them. But, sometimes it can get difficult to teach behavioral skills to children. During those times, they can behave in unexpected ways and do things that can make you stressed. However, instead of stressing out, you can teach them skills that will improve their behavior.

Teaching skills to children true montessori

There are several instruction models that parents can teach their children. These instruction models are of various types, ranging from verbal to visual. Following these instruction models will help parents teach their children how to behave in different circumstances. By repeated practice, praise, and encouragement, children can easily pick new skills.

How can parents teach skills to their children?

It is true that parents are the first teachers of their children. By helping your children, you are laying the foundation for their brighter future. The values you teach children at a young age will be useful to them when they grow up. The main reason why children refuse to do certain things is that they don’t know how to do it. So, instead of getting angry at them, take your time, and teach them. Teaching important skills to children will make them more confident and calmer.

There are three steps of teaching skills to children      

  • The first step is by giving instructions.
  • Second step is by using models.
  • The third step is by taking things step by step.

Here, as parents, you need to remember that skills can take longer to develop. There is nothing like instantaneous skill development. So, you need to have patience and teach with care. Also, there can be various reasons for your child not following some skills. In such cases, you need to be more patient and have open communication with your child.

It is important to note here that your child can require more than one skill to grasp knowledge. Montessori training can help in this case as the trained teachers know which methods to use for children.

Learning models to teach children

Let’s look at the three learning models in detail.

  1. Teaching by giving instructions

  • This is the simplest method of teaching children. Giving instructions is the easiest because it doesn’t require much effort on your part. You can give instructions and explain at the same time. Here, you need to remember that your child’s attention should be on you while you are giving instructions.


  • If your child cannot concentrate on one thing, you need to look for a different method of teaching. Taking children’s names and making them look at you while you speak can help them understand better.


  • Use hand movements and gestures if your child hasn’t learned how to speak yet. Often gestures can help your children understand better. It is important to understand that children are very delicate and can’t perform at your level. So, you need to think from their perspective and physical capabilities.


  • Remove distractions that can hamper learning. For example, if the TV is on while you are speaking, your child will not take much interest in what you are saying. Also, removing music from the background can also help.


  • Use simple and easy language that children can easily understand. Don’t use complex sentences that are hard to decipher. Being calm while teaching students helps a lot. It will help them be calm as well. If they are tensed or agitated, they will not be able to learn.


  • If you want your child to notice something, use gestures to emphasize your point. Illustrations can also help your child learn properly. Graphics and charts can also help them understand better.


If you want to make your child learn more effectively, you can take Montessori teacher training. It will also help you teach other kids too.


  1. Teaching by using models

  • Modeling and creating visual imagery is the best way to help children learn properly. The best way to use models is by doing what you want your children to do. When your kids watch you, they will do what you are doing.


  • Kids always try to emulate what their parents are doing. So, it can help you in a great way. For example, if you want your child to make their bed, you can start by doing it yourself. Your children will take interest in it and start doing it on his/her own.


  • This method of learning also works for teaching skills and behavior as well. For example, you can teach them how to talk to people and greet them. Doing those things in front of others can help your child learn. When you greet your neighbors in front of your children, they will learn the same. So, the next time when they see your neighbors, they will automatically say what you used to say.


  • Teach your children how to smile and talk in a pleasant way. Sometimes children can be rude or hostile towards strangers. That’s because they are scared and don’t know what to say. In that case, you can begin by showing them that it is absolutely fine to talk to people you trust. Build that trust in them and they will follow suit.


  1. Taking things step by step

  • Instead of teaching one big task to your children, you can break it up into smaller parts. That way, children will learn better.


  • Children have a very short attention span. Thus, if you use shorter models to teach them, they will pick up skills better. Montessori training teachers use this form of teaching to help children learn better.


  • When you teach your child the first step, they will be encouraged to do the next step. Long term learning can be exhaustive for your child. So, break up the task at hand into shorter steps.


  • After completing the first task, give your child a break and let them practice on their own. After that, you can proceed to the next step. For example, if you want your child to dress up, you can begin by helping them get out of the clothes.

These are the ways in which you can teach your child how to pick up skills easily. A Montessori teacher training course can help in a significant way. But, you can easily practice these simple steps at home and help your child learn faster.


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